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Order our cleaning service and enjoy your holiday from the first day.

Order Memoshome Cleaning Service and you can just enjoy your holiday from the first day. We offer two different cleaning options.

Please order the cleaning at least 7 days in advance!!!

Package 1

Cleaning of balconies, terraces and windows ( washing balconies or terraces, handrails and reachable windows )

Price for Package 1


Apartment :   70 TL
Penthouse :   95 TL
Villa : 150 TL



Package 2

Washing balconies and/ or terraces
Washing handrails and reachable windows
Washing the staircases and wet areas of the house ( kitchen, toilets, bathrooms etc. )
Cleaning, dusting and polishing of all surfaces
Dusting windows and frames etc.
General tidying up the whole house/ flat

Doing one load of towels and linen with washing machine. ( If the laundry doesn't dry during the cleaning time, the laundry will be hung up to dry. Extra laundry can be washed at the laundry service and brought back to the apartment within 2 - 3 days, each machine costs about 35 TL, ironing is included. ) If you would like to have extra laundry service, please order from us.

Price for Package 2


1 bedroom apartment :  100 TL
2 bedroom apartment :  130 TL
3 bedroom apartment :  150 TL


Penthouse with 3 - 4 bedrooms :  170 TL
Penthouse with 5 bedrooms :  200 TL
Villa :  250 TL