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A Resale Duplex Apartment at a Convenient Price, in Alanya Cikcilli Read more ►

A Resale Duplex Apartment at a Convenient Price, in Alanya Cikcilli

153.000 € - 159.000 € Alanya / Cikcilli
A resale duplex apartment in Cikcilli Alanya is situated on the first two floors of an housing building, in an apartment complex with holiday facilities.
220 m²
Another World - Luxury Penthouses & Terrace Houses For Sale in Alanya Read more ►

Another World - Luxury Penthouses & Terrace Houses For Sale in Alanya

199.000 € Alanya / Cikcilli
Another World Residence in Cikcilli Alanya with exclusive social facilities. Luxury duplexes and specially designed terrace houses with a private swimming pool.
127 - 174 m²
3 - 4

Penthouse Cikcilli- a wonderful investment option for the international property buyers

Cikcilli is a Turkish village within the Alanya district of Turkey that features a picture-perfect scenic beauty and holds the potential for a pleasant as well as comfortable life. The penthouse Cikcilli attracts the investment buyers worldwide with its exotic & luxurious shows as well promises for enticing financial gains. ...

Cikcilli- Turkish village that offers a tranquil life amidst the availability of modern amenities

Cikcilli is a Turkish village that lies within the Alanya district. The village features exceptional scenic beauty and as a village site, it offers a tranquil and peaceful living ambiance. Good to say, even if a village, the site has the availability of modern urban facilities and amenities.  The combination of these factors encourages the international investors to invest on the penthouse Cikcilli

Alanya is a fully developed district in Turkey that is celebrated as a leading site of tourism interest. The exotic canvas of its landscape and scenic beauty with scopes of several aquatic entertainment, entices the tourists to invest on the close to sea penthouse Cikcilli.

Real estate properties in Cikcilli

The standing of Cikcilli in terms of the real estate endeavors looks to be extremely glorious. The developers are constantly developing wonderful properties that come loaded with luxurious features yet priced at most reasonable prices. The standard of the construction complies with internal standard and the global construction codes.  

What entices the investors to put the resources on the Cikcilli Properties?

The prime factor that entices the investors to invest on the properties at Cikcilli is the availability of the premium properties at reasonable prices. The cheap penthouse Cikcilli enable the buyers to hold a personal holiday retreat at one of the leading tourism hubs of the world. Hence, the demand for these properties is constantly rising with passage of time.