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Green Stone Residence - Seafront Penthouse For Sale in Alanya Demirtas

68.500 € Alanya / Demirtas
Green Stone Residence offers a seafront penthouse at an affordable price, in a natural area of Alanya surroundings Demirtas. A fully furnished roof duplex.
174 m²

Demirtaş, Penthouse- imperial properties at mass level prices 

Demirtaş is a Turkish village that features ravishing scenic beauty and a peaceful living ambiance. Good to say, the village holds the availability of all the urban amenities and services. Aside, the luxurious Demirtaş, penthouse, coming for reasonable prices, is truly worth to invest the money on it.  ...

Demirtaş- a Turkish village that offers peaceful yet luxurious life 

Demirtaş is a village site that lies within the Alanya district of Turkey. The Turkish village features a peaceful ambiance, lush greenery, comfortable weather, yet, has the availability of all the modern facilities and amenities. Hence, it can be said that life in this Turkish village is pleasant, comfortable and convenient. These factors are also the prime reasons that boost the demand for the penthouse, Demirtaş.

About Alanya- the district that includes Demirtaş 

Alanya comes within the province of Antalya that lies along the southern flanks of Turkey. The district central share its name with the district. To introduce you with the district, it can be said that it is among the most developed region of the country and is one of the sites that is most frequently visited by the million tourists that visit Turkey every year. Alanya is also a crucial site in Turkish economy for the flourishing real estate endeavors with millions on international investors investing on the close to beach penthouse, Demirtaş

The portfolio of the real estate assets at Demirtaş 

Demirtaş fetches significant amount of foreign exchange to the Turkish economy, as the international property buyers are highly interested to invest on the properties in this village. The extent of worship of the Penthouse, Demirtaş is rising significantly with passage of time. 

What is so special about the Demirtaş properties?

In a nutshell, the specialty of the castle view penthouse Demirtaş is the superlative standard of construction that comes for the most affordable prices.

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