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Nordic Life Penthouses For Sale in Tosmur Alanya, with a Private Sauna Read more ►

Nordic Life Penthouses For Sale in Tosmur Alanya, with a Private Sauna

221.500 € Alanya / Tosmur
Nordic Life Residence, seaside penthouses with a private sauna, located at a pleasant area of Alanya Tosmur. Overlooking the sea and nature of Mediterranean.
161 m²
Yallin Deluxe Penthouse in Tosmur Alanya, with a Sauna & Roof Jacuzzi Read more ►

Yallin Deluxe Penthouse in Tosmur Alanya, with a Sauna & Roof Jacuzzi

440.000 € Alanya / Tosmur
Yallin Deluxe Penthouse in Tosmur Alanya, a beachfront duplex with a jacuzzi on the roof terrace & a private sauna, overlooking the sea, castle and mountains.
350 m²

Penthouse Tosmur- the perfect option for out-of-state investment 

Tosmur is such an exotic Turkish village that would certainly make a place in your heart for itself. If you were planning for out-of-state investment, investing on the Penthouse Tosmur would be a delightful idea as you can get a vacation retreat for you and your family against budget range prices. ...

Tosmur- a Turkish village people falls in love with 

As a Village site, Tosmur have all the incredibility to attract millions of tourists and significant count of international as well as domestic property investors to invest on the penthouse Tosmur. The village comes with the Alanya district in the province of Antalya. This is a costal village that features vibrant beaches, exquisite costal lines and peaceful ambiance.  

It never requires special mention that the areas around the costal region would hold comfortable weather year round. Tosmur comes within the Mediterranean climatic zone and hence, it is one of the most comfortable places in the world to live. Aside, the developed framework of the village ensures that the people living here gets the seamlessly availability of modern services and facilities that makes life comfortable. Aside, you can also be assured that you would get the easy availability of the basic necessities in this village.

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The real estate properties at Tosmur come with delightful facilities and features and it deserved special mention that the valuation of the properties is truly competitive. Hence, the bargain penthouse Tosmur is among the top priority of the investment buyers for investing their resources. 

Accomplish your plan of owing a personal holiday home putting the minimal investments 

People who love to travel often plans to hold a personal retreat at some of the top tourism spots. Tosmur is among the premiere tourist spots in turkey and it receives more than million tourists every year. A significant portion of these tourists invests on the holiday penthouse Tosmur as it enables them to own a personal holiday accommodation putting budget range investments.