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Alanya City Apartments - Luxury Property in Cleopatra Beach Area - Property in Alanya, Apartments Penthouses or Villas for Sale in Alanya Center Read more ►

Alanya City Apartments - Luxury Property in Cleopatra Beach Area

180.000 € Alanya / Alanya Center
Alanya City Apartment House, new apartments built to the highest standards! Properties in Cleopatra Beach area, offer luxury with a home-feeling atmosphere.
350 m²

Selecting a property in the Alanya center

Alanya is one of the most colorful and important districts located in Turkey. It is a beach resort city in the Antalya province on the southern coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean region of the country. The city has a huge population due to which more and more people are earning for houses. ...

Alanya district

Alanya district is one of the most important districts in Turkey that bubbles with population and industries. The real estate industry in Alanya is slowly developing with a number of different constructions. Because of its natural position, Alanya has been a center of attraction for all visitors. It also has a strong threshold and is of political importance in the country.

Real estate in Alanya

There is various real estate and properties in Alanya and you are sure to grab a property of your choice at the most affordable rate and all amenities. The Alanya city center and harbor is a hill that is populated with houses that almost slants down into the blue and green sea just below a stone.

The best places for a property

Find some of the best properties in the Tupa hills in Alanya center. There are a variety of beach apartments for sale as well that face the seaside. Choose from a fleet of fully furnished houses that is just 250 mt away from the beach of Cleopatra. You can also find resale apartments at affordable rates. Since Alanya is situated right at the center of the city, it invites a number of visitors and it is one of the best places of real Estate in Turkey as well.

How to get real estates in Alanya center

It is very easy to get real estates in Alanya center. There are varieties of for sale property Alanya center that can be availed with the help of home loans at low interest rates.

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