Opening a bank account in Turkey and obtaining a Tax Number (Turkish Identity Number = TIN)

Citizens of almost all countries may open an account at any bank in Turkey. An account may be in dollars, euros and Turkish liras. It is useful for you when obtaining the residence permit, registering automatic payments of bills, etc.

To open an account you will need the following documents:

1 – Foreign passport;
2 – A document certifying the address of residence in Turkey or in another country (which may be a bill for water or electricity issued on your name, translation of the document confirming residential registration, a copy of the current residence permit or others);
3 – Tax number in Turkey (TIN).

To register a Turkish TIN you need, with the original and a copy of the foreign passport, to come to the tax department. There you will be asked to specify the address of residence in Turkey and will receive a document with your individual tax number. The entire procedure won’t take more than 15 minutes. Your presence at this is necessary.

The obtained number you can simply write down on a small piece of paper and carry in your wallet, because you will need it to open a Turkish account, to obtain a loan at a bank in Turkey, when you register the Tapu, residence permit in Turkey and insurance, when purchasing a car and in other situations.

Memoshome Service will help you to prepare all documents and open a bank account.

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