Obtaining and renewal of residence permits in Turkey.

Buying a property in Turkey gives the owner the right to obtain a residence permit, which can be prolonged on expiry if the need arises.

A real property’s direct owner’s immediate family (mother and father), children who have not yet reached the age of majority, and spouses can obtain the residence permit along with him or her.

Starting from April 2015, to submit documents for the residence permit based on owning real estate, it is necessary to obtain a rendezvous on the Migration Service’s site.

To do this, you need to prepare and scan the following documents:

  • Medical insurance in Turkey (The private health insurance must cover the intended residence permit duration);
  • DASK policy – the compulsory property insurance against earthquake;
  • An extract from a Turkish bank on the availability in an account of the amount of US$ 500 per person per month. That is, to obtain a residence permit for a year one person needs to have an account at a Turkish bank at least US$ 6,000. It is also possible to deposit an equivalent amount in Euros or Turkish Liras;
  • 4 biometric photographs;
  • Tapu (Title Deed);
  • A fresh extract from the Tapu Office that the housing still belongs to you;
  • Your foreign passport (pages containing your photo and identity information, pages where the last entry into the country is registered);
  • Turkish tax number.

Having collected and scanned all the required documents, you should fill in the form on the website: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

You are obliged to pay residence permit and document fees to the tax office, the cost depends on your nationality and the period of intended residence permit duration. You are required to attach the payment receipts of fees to the application documents.

After filling in the questionnaire, the system will prompt you to select a date and time when you can come to the Migration Department with the originals of the documents as well as with the copies of the TAPU and the foreign passport. When going there, do not forget to print out and take with you the questionnaire and the page with the confirmation of the rendezvous.

The residence permit will be sent to you by mail to the specified residence address within a month or two months. If you are not present at home, you can receive your permit at the main post office.

Collecting the required documents can sometimes cause difficulties for a foreign citizen, our company’s employees will be helpful to you in solving this issue.

We will prepare all the necessary forms and applications, help to obtain certificates from the local government agencies and organizations, and consult you on how to fill in the questionnaire correctly.

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