Once you have received the TAPU and became a rightful owner of property in Turkey, it is necessary to prepare and complete formalities with a number of documents so that you have water, electricity, telephone and the Internet at your home. Our staff is ready to process all this together with you or by a power of attorney for you.

To connect water and electricity, two identical sets of documents are required:

  • A copy of the foreign passport of the owner;
  • A copy of TAPU (certificate of the real estate ownership);
  • A copy of ISKAN (Habitation licence);
  • A copy of DASK policy (compulsory property insurance against earthquake);
  • Tax Number in Turkey;
  • Questionnaire (of water service company or energy company, respectively).

To obtain a subscriber’s number for water in a new building, it is necessary to go with these documents to the water service company, to sign the contract and to make a payment. After that, by the evening, or at most the next day (depending on workload), the water service company personnel will arrive and connect the counter for you.

To have the electricity connected, it is necessary to apply with these documents to the power company, to pay and sign the contract. You will have the electricity the same evening or the next day.

If you have purchased a property in Alanya in the secondary market, then the cost of re-registration of the relevant documents will be much lower.

The Internet and telephone can be connected in one place, at the office of Turk Telekom, the largest telephone operator in Turkey. Firstly, you need to contact this company and arrange an appointment with a representative, to learn about all current offers according to your specific needs and acceptable rates. After signing the contract, within two or three days, the modem will be installed at your home as well the Internet and telephone connection.

Bills for all these services will come every month. To avoid paying a penalty for late payment, you may make a direct debiting of funds from your bank account or take advantage of our service package.