The acquisition of any real estate is a serious investment. Of course, we plan to use the property happily and for a long time. However, we all are not eternal. So, what will happen to it when we are gone? Who will be allowed to live there?

The inheritance of property by foreigners in Turkey takes place according to the laws of the country whose citizens they are. When deciding on the inheritance of immovable property, a Turkish court will, without any doubt, ask for title establishing documents from your home country.

Therefore, we recommend making and completing formalities with a testament for the Turkish real property with a notary in your country, as well as creating a similar document with a notary in Turkey. Making a will in Turkey only takes one business day and will save your family a lot of trouble.

The whole procedure is very simple. To begin, you should prepare the following documents:

Your foreign passport and its copy;
Tapu Title Deed and its copy;
Copies of the foreign passports of the heirs;
Four biometric photos of yourself as a property owner;
Tax number in Turkey.

You also need to make an agreement in advance with a sworn translator (his assistance will be needed almost the whole day), a notary, and two witnesses. Please note that the witnesses must be Turkish citizens.

The day before the date scheduled by the notary, send a copy of the foreign passport to the translator to prepare an official translation.

On the day that the documents will be signed, please visit with the translator (his presence is required) a State Hospital to obtain a certificate of mental health. This certificate is valid for only one day, so you need to come to the hospital early in the morning: there may be a queue, and notaries in Turkey are open only until 5 PM.

With the obtained certificate and the documents listed above, you need to come to the notary. The witnesses with their internal passports also have to come there. The notary will prepare the text of the testament. The sworn translator will interpret for the testator the written text into his/her language. Changes can be made if necessary.

The last will for a real property acquired in Turkey is prepared in triplicate. Each of the copies contains a photograph and the signature of the person who issues the will, as well as the signatures of two witnesses and the interpreter. One copy is handed over to the owner of the real estate, the second one remains at the notary, and the notary sends the third one to the Ministry of Population.

When it becomes necessary, the successor, testator of the real estate in Turkey, with his/her copy of the will, the death certificate, and other documents establishing the title, has to contact an attorney in Turkey. The lawyer will send a request to the ministry, submit the documents to the court and obtain a court decision, on the basis of which the title to the property will pass to the legal heir of the property in Turkey. It usually takes a few days.

Memoshome Service will help you to prepare all the documents and organize the whole procedure.

We wish you long and happy life in your apartment or villa in Turkey!