Free Inspection Trip to Turkey for Potential Property Buyers

Memoshome Real Estate & Construction Company organizes, all around the year, a free viewing trip to Turkey for customers who are interested in buying a property on the Turkish Riviera, in the Aegean Region and in Istanbul.

The property inspection trip can be from few days up to one week. When considering to come for Memoshome property viewing trip, please inform us about the intended date of your visit.

As soon as your flight ticket is booked, let us know about the exact date and time of your arrival, the flight number and airport name. We will arrange for you the airport transfer and accommodation, max. for one week.

If you decide to purchase a property with us in Memoshome, we will refund the cost of flight tickets inside the purchase price (max. 2 persons, up to 1,000€). The accommodation and airport transfers are included in the viewing trip.

Memoshome Company organizes individual viewing trips tailored to the requirements and preferences of our clients.