Dim River Apartments for Sale in Kestel Alanya
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From € 160,000
Price update on 2023-04-27 20:03:04
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General Details
  • Location
  • Bedroom
    1+1 - 3+1
  • Bathroom
    1 - 3
  • Property Size
    57m² - 150m²
  • Beach
    Beach: 700m
  • Airport
    Airport: 130km
Property Description

Dim River is part of the river systems connected with the highlands of Konya Province, flowing into the Medditerenian Sea and is over sixty kilometers long. During the scorching hot summer days, the Dim River offers relaxation with cool air. The project is within walking distance of the beach and other shopping and banking services. Kestel is a quiet and low populated area compared to the rest of the districts in Alanya: which makes it an ideal permanent residence.


There are sports and relaxation facilities in the complex with reliable security and hygiene services. While the children enjoy the children’s park, the families can relax by the pool bar and enjoy summer like no other. Living spaces are isolated from wear and tear with top-quality materials. The payment system is tailored to each person and assures high investment returns over time.


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Alanya Centre4km
City Centre700m
Bus Stop700m
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